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A global survery famous

A global survery famous that eighty four percentage of dad and mom are involved about their infant’s online protection however are not taking the time to speak approximately it.Commissioned via global cybersecurity business enterprise Kaspersky and conducted by way of the market studies business enterprise Savanta, the survery also discovered that on average, parents handiest spend a total of 46 mins speaking to their children approximately on-line security thru their complete youth. More than 1/2 (fifty eight percentage) of these surveyed spend much less than 30 minutes discussing the subject, which is half the time of one standard college lesson.Commissioned by using worldwide cybersecurity enterprise Kaspersky and performed with the aid of the market studies enterprise Savanta, the survery also discovered that on average, mother and father simplest spend a total of forty six mins speakme to their youngsters approximately on line safety thru their whole youth. More than half of (fifty eight percentage) of those surveyed spend less than half-hour discussing the challenge, which is half of the time of one popular school lesson.In particular, nearly 2 in 3 dad and mom (64 percentage) agree that their children spend too much time on line, which not best way buying and selling other joys and blessings of youth for the display screen time, but additionally being continuously uncovered to numerous capacity dangers.

The maximum dangerous on-line threats, in line with parents, are kids seeing harmful content, together with sexual or violent (27 percentage); experiencing internet addiction (26 percent); and receiving anonymous messages or content inciting them to carry out the violent or inappropriate activity (14 percent).

To lessen capability dangers and give an explanation for the risks of surfing the Internet, 81 percentage of dad and mom say it's miles a joint responsibility between mother and father and faculties to educate youngsters approximately online protection. 86 percentage believe that mother and father are higher placed to accomplish that due to the fact youngsters commonly believe them greater.

With mother and father acknowledging the onus on them to provide their children with guidance, yet spending much less than an hour doing so, the Kaspersky studies makes clean that mother and father are locating such conversations difficult. In having those conversations, parents mentioned the biggest challenges as being:

– Explaining the threats in a manner that kids can recognize and relate to (60 percent)

– Getting kids to take the threats critically (fifty one percentage)

– Dissuading kids from following and/or giving them the self belief to now not comply with peer stress (42 percent)

Emma Kenny, a leading psychologist — a resident on ITV this morning, in addition to a TV and radio presenter and columnist, presently running in collaboration with Kaspersky commented on the findings, “While it is completely comprehensible that mother and father do now not need their kids to sense nervous approximately going online, it's miles important that this doesn’t suggest that they take a lax technique to net protection. Balance is fundamental and an informed infant is a secure infant.

“By breaking down the boundaries of verbal exchange concerning on line safety and etiquette, parents make certain that their children get the very satisfactory out of their cyber existence even as feeling reassured approximately their toddler’s on-line behavior,” she introduced.

In end, Kenny stated, “Children need to be protected, and dad and mom can do this by firstly teaching themselves approximately the web sites that their children go to by way of spending time with them as they surf the net, and secondly, via making sure they have a reliable solution that protects their children from stumbling on inappropriate or offensive cloth.”

It’s clean that dad and mom need to adopt greater personal, verbal techniques for developing safer internet stories, and use the equipment that are available to them to help start having the ones conversations.

“We sadly ought to receive that the net lets in kids to come across the content material we in no way want them to see. Privacy and security issues at the moment are pinnacle of mind for dad and mom, and we recognise how difficult it is on occasion talk approximately these issues with children in order that they pay attention and no longer push away. That’s why Kaspersky is devoted to introducing answers and suggestions for the complete circle of relatives that offer parents and kids with peace of thoughts,” says Emma Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

To assist households shield kids from diverse Internet threats, Kaspersky recommends:

– If you understand what your child is seeking out on-line, you can provide help and support, but use the statistics cautiously.

– Discuss with your toddler how lots time they can spend on social media. Try to persuade your toddler now not to use social media all through college training or at night time.

– Try not to restrict your infant’s social circle, but tell them to take care when choosing pals and acquaintances.
Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa

Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa has always recommended for focus of intellectual health troubles even earlier than her days as a splendor queen. She has publicly admitted she become clinically depressed five years in the past, earlier than she joined the Binibining Pilipinas festival.

She fought on in spite of this mission and now not handiest became the 6th Filipina Miss International but additionally finally joined show business after her reign.

She has also used her personal enjoy with mental illness to release an internet help institution called Mental Health Matters. It’s a space she and her sister created together with pick people meant to provide assist to those experiencing intellectual ailments.The web page additionally gives statistics with regards to mental fitness, as training is the pleasant way to create information and empathy towards folks who struggle with it.

According to the Department of Health, intellectual illness and mental retardation are ranked third and fourth the various styles of disabilities inside the us of a. Young professionals have also emerge as sufferers of mental health illnesses, as intentional self-harm is the 9th leading purpose of loss of life among the ones aged 20 to 24 years vintage.

With this advocacy, Araneta City, the house of Binibining Pilipinas, launched the #IAMEnough mental health consciousness show off on the Gateway Mall Activity location with Verzosa gracing the affair, along side Philippine Mental Health Association National Executive Director Carolina Uno-Rayco, J. Amado Araneta Foundation (JAAF) Executive Director Diane Romero. JAAF is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Araneta Group.

As the lately rebranded Araneta City keeps to construct an inclusive community, tasks like the #IAMEnough showcase on the Gateway Mall are important additions to the many matters the pioneering industrial district offers its site visitors, citizens and employees in the metropolis.

Presented via Araneta City in partnership with JAAF and the Philippine Mental Health Association, the showcase hopes to carry attention to the fact of mental fitness ailments. Proceeds from the photobooth and products are for the advantage of PMHA.A global survery exhibits that eighty four percentage of dad and mom are concerned about their infant’s on-line protection however are not taking the time to talk approximately it.Commissioned through global cybersecurity business enterprise Kaspersky and carried out by means of the marketplace research corporation Savanta, the survery additionally revealed that on common, dad and mom most effective spend a total of 46 minutes speakme to their children approximately on line protection thru their entire formative years. More than half of (58 percentage) of those surveyed spend less than half-hour discussing the issue, that's half of the time of 1 general college lesson.Children’s privateness and protection on-line have become one of the most outstanding concerns amongst parents. These are well based as, according to Kaspersky’s survey, over 9 in 10 kids between seven- to twelve-years old globally now have a web-enabled tool, cellphone or tablet.
Humanity is each physical and religious

Humanity is each physical and religious and this is what separates humans from nonhumans.

Being physically well whilst suffering with emotional aches, low self-esteem, tension and unexplainable feeling of an opening inside all affect a person’s properly-being.

Today, The Manila Times and Jeunesse Anion, a brand that believes in holistic well-being, proportion this advocacy of frame, soul and spirit fitness and dig deeper into how this invisible infection will inspire a way of life of alternate starting with the proper mind-set and knowledge on intellectual fitness.Factors contributory to mental fitness issues
While each genders are at risk of a mental situation, a examine at Oxford University observed that girls are 40 percentage more likely to expand mental infection than guys. Physiological and organic factors are contributory to intellectual health issues amongst women.

Dramatic hormonal modifications at some stage in puberty, pre-menstruation, being pregnant, publish-being pregnant, premenopause, and menopause motive a curler coaster of emotions. Women find themselves angry, sad, irritable and experiencing crying spells during those instances. While those are normal and quick-lived for a few, others have intense symptoms that disturb their non-public lives and relationships.

The Philippine records on mental health indicates that there are three.3 million Filipinos who suffer from a depressive ailment and 3.1 million are stricken by anxiety disorders.

Of high faculty college students 13 to 15 years of age, 17 percent tried suicide as a minimum once, 12 percent significantly considered taking their lives, and 11 percent have made plans on how they might devote suicide. Given the numbers, the united states of america has handiest 60 psychiatric health care centers and best two mental health workers for every one hundred,000 population.

Social media and the spirit
Victory Greenhills campus missionary and pastor Dave Estrera said that social media has damaging consequences inside the manner people view themselves.

“In my commentary among students, social media ordinarily impacts us in three approaches: notion, socialization, and relaxation. Whether we like it or no longer, social media has detrimental effects at the manner we view ourselves due to the fact there’s continually the temptation to examine. Secondly, it impacts the way we socialize. We have the choice to project ourselves the manner we want to be seen — being linked yet on my own isn't always beneficial in a person going via a tough time,” Pastor Estrera said.

As the second one usa with the biggest social media intake international, it’s no longer also sudden that restlessness is prevalent and pleasant sleep is almost unknown.

“In my survey amongst college students, 80 percentage admitted they have got slept much less than five hours. Now that we have the choice to have a look at something that pastimes us, our frame is limited to recharge and recover,” he brought.

The religious issue is something that we are able to never forget either.

“It begins with a mind-set that God needs peace for us. Through the energy of God, we can strengthen our grit and grow in desire. If peace is what God guarantees, then we can combat and declare it for our lives. When we see that He’s for us, then it offers us the will to preserve fighting. We want to look that He providentially makes use of the whole thing around us — medicine, psychology, scientific advancement, help shape, someone’s spirit and prayers,” he concluded.

Diet, vitamins and exercise
Philippine- and US-registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que believes that weight loss program, vitamins and mental infection are all linked.

“Food fuels the mind for it to feature optimally. Poor vitamins reasons nutrient deficiencies that affect hormonal imbalance and lots of other factors that impact mood, concept procedure and different capabilities of the brain,” she stated.

Several studies were said about the intestine and brain connection, so expertise how they’re synergistically related will trade the way we view the intestine as the body’s 2nd mind.

“When a person is recognized with a mental circumstance, one of the first steps to deliver lower back the balance in the body is by means of making use of these three Rs of intestine-recovery: Remove triggers inside the form of gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and soy; Repair with sparkling produce, practical foods and vitamins; Lastly, reinoculate probiotics and feed the intestine with prebiotics which includes honey.”

Chemical messengers serotonin and dopamine have an effect on similar factors of one’s health.

Dopamine is the chemical that the body releases whilst encountering pleasurable reports from hobbies, ingesting a fave meal, to intercourse.

Meanwhile, serotonin that is the frame’s anxiety buster is being produced via sunlight, workout and eating foods rich in tryptophan. Both chemical compounds spur the frame’s glad hormones.

Understanding that food now not simplest extensively impacts mood in conjunction with workout at the same time as making time for the matters that keep a person’s sanity in check, may even effect someone’s energy level and countenance.

YOLO with the aid of Renzo Suntay
The Suntay family is a working example that it’s a disorder that is aware of no age, gender, social elegance, faith, or heritage and angle.

“Our family changed into a long way from best however I’ve always thought that it turned into a fairytale type of life,” stated mompreneur Sheila.

However, 2018 proved to be the most tragic yr for the Suntays when Renzo, the eldest son some of the brood of five, took his own life because of depression.

She admitted that it turned into a sickness she knew not anything approximately and that it changed into a scenario that they didn’t see coming. The enjoy become the turning factor for the circle of relatives, which gave delivery to YOLO by using Renzo Suntay, a non-profit company that ambitions to be the voice for folks who are affected by despair, an­xiety and different situations.

“My function as a founder is to relentlessly percentage my tale and remind these people that they’re no longer alone of their struggles and that there’s actual, tangible hope and healing.”

Beauty titlist, mental health recommend and Jeunesse Anion brand ambassador Ivanna Pacis encourages individuals and families to discuss extra openly the difficulty on intellectual fitness.

“Jeunesse Anion seems out now not just the physical being of its users however also the intellectual fitness of each female. Mental fitness is this kind of touchy topic however it’s an critical issue to talk about and Jeunesse Anion takes part in placing an quit to the stigma of intellectual contamination,” Pacis said.

“If you’re someone who suffers from a intellectual condition, understand that your emotions are valid and your state of affairs isn't hopeless. Seek out professional help and surround your self with nice individuals who look out on your properly-being,” the beauty queen-intellectual fitness propose encouraged, including that each one editions of the logo are a canvass of comfort and freshness for a problem-loose monthly duration — to be had at leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.
Food and wine pairing

Food and wine pairing
There are few things Filipinos love greater than a meal paired with a excellent drink. When it comes to wine, there are the same old matches: reds with steak, whites with seafood. But masses of pairings are expecting discovery with the forms of wines in the marketplace, and the huge variety of worldwide cuisines which have crossed over to Philippine shorelines.

This is why the San Miguel Foods Culinary Center and Wine Brothers partnered for “Wine Walkabout: A food and wine journey” at the newly opened Glass Wine Lounge of Sourdough Café + Deli in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

The occasion name Walkabout can pay homage to Woomera’s domestic, Australia, and the aboriginal practice of placing the younger out inside the open to discover and study on their own.

“Food and wine pairing can be intimidating for loads of humans mainly to those who are uninitiated. So we need to painting wine consuming as a casual affair. It doesn’t must be constantly formal so to speak. We need people to appreciate their love for meals extra and meals flavors which could come out due to how wines praise flavors,” enthused Llena Tan-Arcenas, San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Services Manager, during the occasion.

The 5-route degustation turned into centered on letting visitors deviate from the standard exercise of meals and wine pairing, allowing them to determine which drink they experience suits their meal exceptional. For the stated event, visitors were capable of pair Woomera wines with their meal.

San Miguel Foods Culinary Chefs Pam Obieta and Martin Narisma created with a mouth-watering grazing desk for the guests. Meanwhile, Chef Ryan Vergara (govt chef of Sourdough Cafe) and Chef Alvin Ong (chef consultant) organized a five-direction Australian-stimulated dinner in collaboration with the San Miguel Foods Culinary Center.

Each direction had three portions so guests could try it with all wine variations.

Indeed, wine is perceived as a extreme, formal drink; but the reality is, wine is very versatile. Part of Wine Brother Philippines’ challenge is to remind anybody that wine can be fun and those may be imaginative and unconventional in terms of food pairings.

“The purpose is to immerse Filipino drinkers into the fun subculture of wine consuming. With wine we agree with that we are able to have it either on its personal, drink it with meals, drink bold or mild, sweet or light, first-rate dining or by means of pool side. It’s all up to you and your definition of amusing,” Leynes ended.Humanity is both physical and religious and this is what separates people from nonhumans.

Being physically properly even as suffering with emotional aches, low shallowness, tension and unexplainable feeling of a gap internal all affect a person’s properly-being.

Today, The Manila Times and Jeunesse Anion, a emblem that believes in holistic wellbeing, share this advocacy of body, soul and spirit fitness and dig deeper into how this invisible contamination will encourage a tradition of change beginning with the proper mindset and know-how on intellectual fitness.
DRINKING alcohol moderately

DRINKING alcohol moderately is honestly a fun and enjoyable interest for adults — be it within the middle of the paintings week to de-strain, on a date or with friends and own family gatherings. Among Filipinos, the maximum commonplace choice of spirits is either beer or gin, and the occasional cocktail mix for the women and brandy for the men.

Now in case you’ve noticed that wine is missing from the list, it definitely is. Because unusually enough, regardless of wine bars easily available to maximum, a brand new studies nonetheless suggests that Filipinos cannot be considered wine drinkers as compared to many other countries inside the world. This despite the fact that we've got our personal variations of wine particularly tuba, lambanog and basi.

The identical research found that to this day, many Filipinos stay intimidated with the need to understand desirable excellent wine from the rest, or which bottle is going well with what meals.Happily, a well-known and nicely-cherished brand has taken the task of placing Filipinos cozy with wine-consuming — with the closing goal of showing the a laugh in vino they’ve been lacking — through a modern-day task.

Innovation of wine specialists
Wine Brothers Philippines — the importing and distributing enterprise of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation, the packaging division of San Miguel Corporation — goals to be a part of ordinary celebrations of Filipinos with the aid of supplying best wines that can suit any occasion.

With huge holdings in Australia, the business enterprise determined to innovate and to create its counterpart Wine Brothers Australasia, serving as the export arm of the agency that exports Woomera wines — the very very own brand of wine of San Miguel.

“Woomera is an innovation by way of the knowledge of our wine makers and the capabilities of our international-class centers in Australia and the growing wine marketplace in the Philippines. Woomera wines are first-class wines which might be particularly crafted for the Filipino marketplace. That’s what sets our wine apart from the rest of the imported wines you could see in the supermarkets because it’s Australian wine. It has an global exceptional that is honestly crafted for the Filipinos. This is the equal method that the Wine Brothers Australasia developed on the way to craft the wines,” Wine Brothers Philippines Marketing Head Anais Leynes shared du­ring an intimate media event.

“For folks who are unaware, woomera is an aboriginal device that facilitates hunters release their spears hitting their goals with extra accuracy. And this is what we do. We craft the wines and make sure that it’s healthy for the Filipino market to create the ideal taste and create a really perfect consuming experience for the Filipinos,” she added.

Wine Brother Philippines’ Woomera has added 3 forms of wines — the Cabernet Merlot (crimson), Sauvignon Blanc (white) and Rosé.

According to Wine Brothers Philippines General Manager Jonathan Nisperos, San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation ventured into the wine industry a couple of years in the past through buying impartial fillers or wine filling facilities and began the business in phrases of being present in the wine industry. He pointed out that Australian wines have become more famous to Filipinos because of their bold, genuine and amusing traits.

“The cause is, the greater wine we fill in our facility, the better for San Miguel. We trust there’s an enterprise within the Philippines that’s catering to wine drinkers. Though we’re predominantly beer and difficult liquor drinkers, however there’s a positive segment within the Philippines in which San Miguel isn't always but gift and that is the wine enterprise that is why we ventured right here,” Nisperos stated.

“The wine marketplace in the Philippines is growing which approximately 24 million liters a year with growth rate of round 8 or 9 percent in step with 12 months. We’re very new within the enterprise right here, but in phrases of our facilities in Australia, we do heaps of cases a year. Here in the Philippines we’re starting gradual because we’re new to it and at the identical time, we would like to introduce our wines slowly to make the marketplace respect Australian wines more,” he delivered.
Shake, Rattle and Roll

‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ at Diamond Hotel
Filipino folklore creatures make up “Shake, Rattle and Roll: A Diamond Hotel Halloween Event” on October 27 from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M. On the Diamond Ballroom and Corniche.Inclusive of a take-domestic snack box of treats and full get entry to to the great sports and video games bonanza, this one-of-a-kind youngsters’ birthday celebration priced at P1,000 according to character receives anyone the danger to win roundtrip airline tickets for two to Singapore thru Cebu Pacific on the grand raffle.A unique spooktacular live for the entire family in a special Halloween room bundle is available for bookings until October 27, inclusive of 1 loose ticket (according to room, in line with live foundation) to the Halloween event, buffet breakfast for 2 at Corniche, complimentary Wi-Fi get admission to, 20 percent off massage and laundry services, get entry to to the Health Club and Spa facilities and swimming pool, and weekend commute carrier to Intramuros and SM Mall of Asia.

* * *

Villainous ensemble at HK Disney’s ‘Halloween Time’
Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) is presenting all varieties of mysterious surprises and providing awe-inspiring Halloween reports till October 31 with villains from classic Disney memories taking center level inside the all-new musical suggests “Let’s Get Wicked” and “Jack Skellington’s Villainous Gathering.”

Guests also can experience the “Journey to Halloween Town” trick-or-deal with walkthrough enjoy and immerse themselves in classic scenes from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.”This yr’s Halloween revel in consists of restricted-edition products and villain-stimulated meals and beverages for guests of every age.

Five infamously evil Disney Villains — Ursula from “The Little Mermaid,” Cruella de Vil from “one zero one Dalmatians,” Dr. Facilier from “The Princess and the Frog,” Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” and Mother Gothel from “Tangled” — exhibit their evil glory with villainous songs.

Guests also can have interaction with the performers at some point of the display, and purchase themed merchandise from the kiosk outdoor the theater to have fun one’s favored villain’s ensemble.The most suitable haven for clever luxury by Manila Bay, Conrad Manila, was lately recognized by means of Conde Nast Traveler in its annual Readers Choice Awards as one of the Best Hotels inside the World, rating third in Asia and 46th typical.

“We are humbled by way of the global popularity of Conde Nast Traveler’s readers and our dependable visitors who we had been stimulated through our group’s dedication and dedication in imparting intuitive service and infinite connections in a global of favor,” Conrad Manila popular supervisor Laurent Boisdon shared.The motel’s most eminent functions are its 347 properly-appointed guest rooms and suites, award-prevailing eating stores China Blue with the aid of Jereme Leung and Brasserie on 3, the famed Conrad Spa, amongst others — all complemented by way of beautiful views of the Manila Bay.

Owned with the aid of SM Hotels and Conventions Corporation, a subsidiary of SM Investment Corporation and managed through Hilton Worldwide, Conrad Manila is strategically located within the coronary heart of the bustling Mall of Asia complex, and a few minutes far from each international and domestic airports thru the NAIA Expressway.

A global survery famous A global survery famous that eighty four percentage of dad and mom are involved about their infant’s online prote...